Not Such a Swell Start

September 17, 2008 at 12:57 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

So this whole doing new things, yeah, it’s not going as I would have liked.  Isn’t that always the case though?!  Sometimes working does lend itself to fun, creative things, but I am going to work on this.  I actually have some ideas formulating in my big ol’ head – notice I didn’t say brain, I’m a humble braggart.  Hopefully I will have time to start living my life, but alas, who knows.

I believe we will be hiring 2 new folks at my work.  This should be an interestng change of pace.  I’m excited and hesitant because, relatively speaking, we have a pretty good group of folks whose personalities don’t clash right now.  I guess you could say we have weeded out the misfits!

On Sunday there was a shooting not far from my Mom’s house, and I somewhat know the person who was shot.  I read his sister’s blog, and I go to Church with them.  Anyways, he is 16 and was running around the Grand Prairie High School track around 9pm Sunday night.  Apparently a gold cadillac pulled up parallel to the track, rolled the window down, and shot him in the cheek!!  Instead of dropping to the ground, he turned around and ran for his life!  Luckily, the car drove off and there were 2 other people running around the track, so they took him home and then he was rushed to the hospital.  Thank Heavens he is OK!  That is so incredibly scary for me.  I am paraonid about my Mom, of course, but who would do such a thing to an innocent 16 year old boy?!  If that bullet would have been inches any other way, he wouldn’t be here.  I just don’t understand the ways of this world.  It makes me terrified to even think about having a child in a world like that.  But, God is good and he will prevail, I’m sure of it!

On that note, I think I shall end ye ol’ post.  I’m so tired for some odd reason.  Happy Hump Day folks!


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September 14, 2008 at 11:17 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Yes, it’s Sunday.  But, I don’t feel nearly as miserable as I used to.  I’m not sure why, it could be that maybe I’m not on the placebo and am actually taking some type of medicine that redcues anxiety.  I will have to say that, excluding Thursday, I really haven’t had any headaches in about 2 weeks.  I think that tells me something right there.  My headaches are anxiety induced.  In some ways that seems quite odd to me, because how is that possible?  But in other ways, I guess it kind of makes sense.  I’m a medical mystery I’m telling you.

I am currently contemplating home imporvement projects like nobody’s business.  And the more I watch HGTV, the worse my wants become!  I really want to rip up the carpet and stain the concrete throughout the majority of the house, but I’m beginning to think this might be harder than I had originally thought.  The only reason this is an issue is because of my cats.  I don’t think it would be too safe for them running around the house while I’m completing this project, and that poses a problem.  I guess I’ll have to figure that one out.  I also have a million ideas running through my head of what I’d like to do.  So much to do, so little time and money!  I’d like to make this house really shine, it has so much potential.  I think our first project is going to be the front and back yards.  There is a ton of work that needs to be done there, including tree trimming/removal.

My life is actually pretty boring, if you must know.  Not much interesting goes on around here.  I work at least 9 hours a day, I come home and don’t do much, then go to bed.  I guess my life is boring because I make it that way.  I don’t do much in the way of livening up my life.  Don’t get me wrong though, this doesn’t mean my life sucks, it just means its boring.  And that makes it awfully hard to blog when one doesn’t do much of anything, let alone anything of interest.  So, maybe I should make some kind of resolution to getting out and doing something every week!  I would just need suggestions, because frankly, I think Dallas is quite boring!  That and I’m a picky person to entertain, also one on a budget.

As blogland is my witness, I am going to try and broaden my horizons and put some spark and enjoyment into my life!  No matter if it’s trying a new food, restaurant, activity, or home improvement project, I’m going to get out there and enjoy this life God gave me.  Life is way too short for me to sit on my butt all the time!

I hope everyone has a great week!!

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September 9, 2008 at 2:24 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I have unforutnately been down and out this past week.  I was the (un)lucky receipient of a Labor Day cold!  I basically spent my glorious 3 day weekend in bed, sleeping, or thinking about sleeping, or cursing my head, or all of the above.  Last Thursday I had a horrible!!!! headache!  I had moments where I thought I might possibly keel over and die.  And it did not go away.  OK, let me rephrase that, it never completely went away, until I ended up SICK on Monday morning.  It was dull, and then sharp, sharp and then dull for four stinkin’ days (please say that like that one Uruk-hai <yes I had to look up the spelling!> in LOTR:TT after they’ve been running with Merry and Pip… towards the beginning… am LOSER)!  And then, when at last it subsided, I was sick!  Naturally.  And, me being the brave soul I am, I indeed went to work all 4 (!) days last week.  By time Friday came around, I was death on toast!  I was so exhausted and tired and whiney.  Anyways, I still don’t feel so well, but I know I’m getting better, slowly but surely.

In other news, we lost yet another employee.  Although loss is a nice term.  Basically, she was useless.  I’m sure she was a nice person, but that doesn’t make up for mistakes and bad attitudes.  And also walking out of a meeting, completely ridiculous.  That now makes 5 people since June 6th who have left/been fired.  I guess those people just couldn’t handle the business.  Seriously, it was all for the best.  Hopefully everything will be good from here on out.  It’s sad when you lose that many people and are still able to handle the load, etc.

I seriously planned on a much longer entry, but the hubs and I were watching videos on YouTube of all sorts of stuff.  It was actually quite pleasant, we really don’t have similar tastes for the most part.  So, that has been my night, purchasing online textbooks for school, scheduling mortgage payments, eating dinner, scooping litter, and watching videos with my man.  All in all, a great Monday!  Night folks!

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