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I was in love for awhile today.  With a puppy.  And now my love is gone because we did the right thing and returned her, TWICE!!!  To some people who I do not like now.  I have never met them, but I know I do not like them, because I have a good idea what they will do with her.  See, this beautiful little girl just so happens to be a Pit Bull.  And while I am slightly afraid of them, she was beautiful and sweet and wanted me to be her Mommy and Victor to be her Daddy.  These “owners” live about 4 houses down and they don’t know how to keep their puppy in their house, apparently. 

I got home around 5 today and my Mom was coming over to drop some printing off.  When I got home, our next door neighbor had the preciousness in his arms and was knocking on his neighbors door to see if the puppy was there.  He then headed my way and asked if it was our puppy, which of course it wasn’t.  He put her on the ground and said he was going to leave her outside for awhile to see if she could wonder back to her home on her own.  Well, naturally the puppy fowllowed me to my front door.  I just stood there, for what felt like an eternity, but in actuality was probably a whole 2 minutes, just looking at her.  She was oh so cute and so playful, but there was no way I could let her in my house.  I mean, come on, I have 4 cats, and I love them all very much (although the white on is testing me with his potty problems).  So I went inside and closed the front door almost all the way and she yelped, and continued to yelp.  I walked away, yes apparently I can be a cold-hearted wench.  When I thought she had gone, because I couldn’t see her out any of the windows, I stupidly opened the front door back up, and she magically reappeared in 2 seconds flat!

I closed the door again and just completely walked away.  I wondered aimlessly around the house, begging for it’s Mom and Dad to come get her so I wouldn’t cry.  I went into the bedroom and looked out our huge window, and I could see her standing at the front door.  So I put Keegan on the window sill to see her… he meowed and stared.  The puppy finally noticed and stared back.  I then put Payton on the window sill and pointed the puppy out to her.  The puppy was very interested in Ms. P.  They all just stared, and the puppy barked a bit.  Then she walked away.  Whew!  So I went into the computer room to study and whatnot.  Oh if the story only ended there.  My next door neighbor’s dogs were incessantly barking and driving me crazy, so I looked out the window thinking maybe the puppy might be there.  And sure enough, she was just wondering around their fence in our driveway.  I watched her and then she disappeared again, so I sat down.  Naturally little Ms. Curiosity would end up in the back part of our driveway where tons of trash is (don’t ask, it’s all the stuff we picked up from the backyard when we bought the place, and the City won’t pick it up… so don’t ask because I just told you :)).  Mind you I’ve been blowing up my husbands phone because AHHHHH I just don’t know what to do. 

I didn’t want to let her in because I knew what would happen.  I knew I would fall in love with her and not want to give her back to the poor excuse of a human who “owned” her.  But I finally gave in, the weather was nasty and rainy, and she’s just an ittle bittle baaaaaaaaaby.  So I went to the garage conversion and tapped on the window.  She heard me and came pounding over.  I let her in and so began the love affair.  Since the garage conversion is exactly as it sounds, I could keep the cats out and feed her and water her and play with her cuteness without worrying about hisses and growls and claws.  Let me tell you, she’s a biter!  And she doesn’t like getting yelled at.  We played together for almost 2 hours before Victor finally got home.  And so began his love affair.  Anyways, we let her out into the great big world of cats and, suprisingly enough, there wasn’t too much violence.  All the cats are intact and not in hiding right now.  And they aren’t even mad at us, though there were hisses and growls, and one swat from Brianna because she was the unfortunate recipient of a tail bite.

We finally decided to do the right thing and try to find her home.  Victor took her out to use the bathroom and to knock on some doors.  I, of course, stayed home, because that’s what I do.  I believe the “owners” were in house 3 and they spoke no English.  He put the puppy down and she immediately ran back towards him.  He placed her in the house and turned around and walked back home.  He made sure to tell everyone at every house between theirs and ours that the next time she gets out, just bring her to us.  Victor wasn’t back home for 5 minutes before I looked out the office window and saw her!  AGAIN!!!!  She looked up at the window, saw us, and ran to the garage conversion door to be let back in.  I immediately ran to let her in and Victor called his Mom to see what we should do.  See, we don’t want to make enemies of our neighbors, but clearly these people don’t deserve that sweet, loving baby.  She follows me everywhere, and when Daddy scares or hurts her, she would run back to me.  He made the executive decision, to once more take her back, because this would also be considered stealing and, well we really don’t want to go to jail.  Those stupid people hadn’t even come looking for her!  I know he asked if we could keep her, but clearly they said no… he thinks.

For the first time in a long time, Victor was truly happy.  He’s wanted a puppy for so long, and she was just so cute.  She’s completely submissive to the cats and really doesn’t pay much attention to them.  She just had such a sweet nature.  Now Victor keeps looking outside and opening doors to see if he can see her.  We don’t want her to get run over or anything.  We just want that baby girl.  So sweet and innocent.  I will be so angry if something happens to her!  People like that seriously piss me off!!!!  Take care of your animals!  They aren’t for your entertainment, they need love and necessities.  If you can’t take care of them, then give them to someone who can and wants to!

So dear Puppy, we will love you and miss you!  And just come on back anytime you decide you’ve had enough!  We have plenty of love to give!


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